IIVF Webinar - Actuaries in Inclusive Insurance

IIVF webinar on Actuaries in Inclusive Insurance – an introduction to the Risk Book Chapter on Inclusive Insurance

IIVF Webinar - Actuaries in Inclusive Insurance

Inclusive insurance is an important tool for increasing the resilience of vulnerable families and small businesses across the world. Encouragingly, there has been impressive growth in the take-up of inclusive insurance. To make meaningful and valuable contributions to the growing inclusive insurance market, all stakeholders should appreciate and take account of the significant differences between inclusive insurance and traditional insurance markets. The differences have implications not only for actuaries, but for all stakeholders including non-actuaries supporting product design, pricing and risk management of inclusive insurance products and providers, and supervisors.

This webinar, hosted by the IAA’s Inclusive Insurance Virtual Forum, delves into the main differences between inclusive insurance and traditional insurance and the implications for practitioners providing technical support to inclusive insurance providers. We will draw on the experiences of three practitioners by hearing about the unique challenges that inclusive insurance has presented and how they have overcome these challenges.

The webinar touches on many of the key points highlighted in the inclusive insurance chapter published in the IAA’s Risk Book. It will also provide some pointers to actuaries who are interested in finding out more about inclusive insurance or becoming more involved in supporting the growth of inclusive insurance.

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Tijden: 08:00 - 09:30 uur
Locatie: Online
Plaats: Online
Spreker(s): Nigel Bowman, Barbara Chesire, Iker Llabres and Agrotosh Mookerjee
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